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This store enables you to sell TEN products/services or a limited number of your own and receive a 40% monthly referral fee.

Register affiliates and receive up to 11.5% additional income for 4 levels from associates joining the program.

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Learn to Earn


Earn While Learning!

"Let's Play Billionaire" is a business simulation game that helps you start your business, find clients. prospects, and leads, all while earning significant income every month.


Youth Leadership


We empower local youth to be paid positive leaders in the community.

Compete with other young people to be elected as a representative, a mayor, a senator, a governor, and finally the YGA president. Get paid to lead.

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Non-Profit Funding


We raise money monthly for a qualified non-profit selected by associates in TEN.

And we can send a payment to a selected bill, mortgage, or car note of a qualified team manager.

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"Let's Play Billionaire" in Jones Towers

The Network that Plays and Pays while Building a Business

When we say, "Our Business Starts With Your Needs!" We mean it.

Playing "Billionaire" is not just a game. Associates may join the simulation that teaches business and entrepreneurship for adults and young people. Jones Towers is a virtual office building. "Let's Play Business" is the game we play with real people, real businesses, and real money.

"Let's Play Billionaire" is a reality-based business simulation. Individuals purchase a "TEN License" which entitles the owner to earn monthly commissions on sales and generate residual income from referral sales.

Visit the office and mingle with others who are "Billionaire" participants or Jones Towers guests. For more information, send an email to "" and place in the subject line: Tell Me More About Playing Billionaire.

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Think About It

Learning While Earning


Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with you. Zig Ziglar

The Bottom Line Test

Invest time and energy to build the net-worth of your network.

Where are You?

How Do People Find You?

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